The last few weeks have been dominated by the search for suitable premises for parking of containers for loading humanitarian aid – without doubt this has proved a nightmare. Finally I believe we are sorted and I should visit the site on Monday. Please continue to pray that these new arrangements do work out as without them (or different arrangements) we would be unable to continue to send physical relief aid to Romania. [Undoubtedly at some stage we will stop sending aid as in general the situation of the beneficiaries is definitely improving, albeit slowly and in an inconsistent fashion; now some we had previously helped now can cope alone while others are in really desperate need]. 


August is very much the time when offices shut in Romania and people take vacations. Please pray for ALL THE ROMANIAN SOCIAL WORKERS taking holidays at this time.


Please uphold NELU & CRISTINA from FI in prayer as they have an ultra-busy summer:

·        The CHANGED LIVES PROJECT AT CIHEI continues: The roof should be in the process of being constructed this month for the new building. In September the work should start on the conversion of our aid trailer into 2 accommodation units to be ready for the start of the cold weather.

·        Also this month Nelu & Cristina lead 2 CAMPS FOR DISADVANTAGED YOUNG PEOPLE from their youth clubs

·        After the camps they themselves take a short well earned break. Please pray for them and their 2 daughters Dalia and Lisa and thank God for the commitment and compassion of Nelu and Cristina.


In the last update I asked for prayer for wisdom on how to deal with the new tax on humanitarian aid. I believe we have worked out an honest feasible system, whereby we will limit the amount of toiletries in the shoeboxes and pay the appropriate tax on what we do send. Please pray that members of the public and our pensioner sponsors will take the time to read and “take on board” our new guidelines, as otherwise this is going to prove very very difficult for us.


The plaque in my sitting room says PRAYER CHANGES THINGS – please continue to pray for us that the needed changes will come about.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


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