December 4th:

In Jersey we GIVE THANKS that in spite of numerous logistical problems with packing Christmas shoeboxes,  everything worked out well, with the right people arriving to help when needed. We saw this again with the loading of the trailers.


Sadly our trailer of aid including the shoeboxes has been delayed by a week due to a strike by the stevedores in St Malo. This means that the St Pauls group and the 2 Beaulieu groups will not have the opportunity to distribute Christmas shoeboxes as they will leave the country before the shoeboxes arrive.

We expect that Christine and I (Rose) as we are there till December 19th will manage a day or two of distribution.


The delay in the arrival of the aid consignment means there are additional complications for all the Romanian trusts, but especially for ALEX & SERGIO at Mustard Seed Romania.


As the temperatures drop below freezing in Romania, it becomes harder for the poorest of the poor with few resources to survive. NELU of AVS has just started the bread distributions and spoke of people desperately hungry, immediately eating the bread when they received it. He is especially concerned for many who have no heating and tells people to pray to God for their needs. (You can see pics of the bread distribution on our Facebook page around lunchtime tomorrow).    


Please remember the residents and staff of the trust ADPB and the young women assisted through AGAPE – please pray each one young or old will sense the presence of the Christ Child this Christmas.


Please pray for the 7 people from St Pauls Church who travel with me to Romania on Dec 7th. Even although this time is not working out as planned please pray it will be a real blessing and real challenge to each one. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they seek to decide how to use the funds they have raised.


Please pray too for the 12 students and 4 teachers from Beaulieu Convent School. Pray for them also this trip will be a real challenge and a blessing.


For all of us going to Romania there will undoubtedly be moments when we grieve at the suffering we see, especially when we think of the plenty we have here. Pray we will respond wisely to the needs we see, with the Lord’s compassion tempered with His wisdom.


St James tells us that Faith without works is dead …. & asks “If one of your brothers/sisters is in need and has not enough food to live on and one of you says “I wish you well…” without giving them the bare necessities of life, what good is that?”


Please continue to bless us with your prayers for our work in Romania & Jersey.



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