Mustard Seed Jersey prayer update December 2019

December 13th 2019


Dear Praying Friends

Yesterday I received photos from Romania showing the Beaulieu Convent School students distributing Christmas shoeboxes and visiting housebound pensioners.

On Saturday Rinie and I travel over to Romania to continue distribution. The Beaulieu students return to Jersey on Saturday.

Please remember these trips in your prayers.

We had a very successful Christmas shoebox appeal with a good number of donated shoeboxes and amazingly we met all the requests. That was pretty incredible as it seemed impossible at the start of the appeal. Thanks be to God.

But overall less money has been donated to food parcels and bread which is obviously very concerning especially for those people in Romania who rely on the bread and food funds from Jersey provide in the coldest months. Please pray we will have wisdom to know how best to use the resources available.

In November Ioli (Iolanda) came to Jersey for the final visit and completion of the transformative dental work she has received. (Mentioned in the May/June prayer update). Since this work her self confidence and belief in herself has grown greatly and she found and kept employment. Up till then she had not managed to hold any job. Please do pray for Ioli. Please thank God for the amazing generosity of Jersey Dental Care. Please pray for us for wisdom to know the best way ahead to continue to help people in need of dental care in Romania but who have no chance whatsoever of affording even the most basic treatment.

I must apologise as I realise I never sent out the prayer update I intended to send in October/November:

Since the last prayer update (September) we have raised sufficient funds to run the Mustard Seed Romania homework club one day a week starting in January. The AVS club continues to run two days a week. Funds have enabled Nelu to complete the two much needed toilets. Thanks be to God for this provision.


God bless you please do continue to bless us with your prayers.


In his service





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