We start this prayer update by GIVING THANKS for a number of answered prayers since the last update:

Our SPRING AID CONSIGNMENT with drivers Jonathan and Sel arrived safely in Romania & drivers returned home safely. The trailer was left in Romania to be converted into accommodation.

Tinathon this collection proved successful and approx. 5000 tins of food were donated shared between The Shelter Trust in Jersey and us for Romania.

The foundations of the Changed Lives building project have been laid and work is proceeding with building the walls. We give thanks for the favour shown by the Romanian builder who is doing the work at a substantially discounted price and ask Gods blessing on him and the whole building project.

KEN & FLORENCE are in Romania as I type. It sounds as though Ken is coping well in spite the very high temperatures there at present. They return to UK next month after 4 weeks in Romania.


WEATHER as mentioned, it is currently very hot in Romania. Please remember the frail elderly pensioners who struggle with the extreme temperatures with no air conditioning. (We have noticed that a higher number of our sponsored pensioners die in the heat than in the cold). We pray for:

  Pensioners on our Adopt a Granny scheme run by Mustard Seed Romania, mainly in and around the village of Cefa and residents at Casa Mabel

  Pensioners on our programme run by FI, mainly in the city of Oradea.

  The approx. 400 pensioners assisted by Vineyard.

  The residents of the home for dementia sufferers run by ADPB



We have recently been very concerned to learn that our last aid consignment (May) has incurred tax on some items, payable to the Romanian authorities. We understand it is a new law. Please pray into this situation, that we will know the best way ahead. (We believe it may be because Jersey is not in the EU that this tax of several hundred pounds was demanded). Please pray for us for WISDOM to know how to proceed in a way that honours God and is as effective as possible in easing suffering in Romania.


Please continue with your prayers for finalisation of our future arrangements for the transportation of aid we are getting there slowly but it is still not completely organised!


Please be encouraged to continue to pray for us. We believe it is vital and makes a difference.

Yours in Christ

Rose Helie


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