Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update March 17th  2016

I (Rose) have just come back from holiday in UK and during that time I visited KEN & FLORENCE now in Co Durham. (They used to be in Romania heading up Vineyard). They are very confident that after almost 20 years in Romania, it is the right time to come back to this country. The churches they planted, the social assistance outreach they began, also the kindergarten are all continuing under Romanian leadership, people who they have discipled and trained.

        For me it was great to see them again and learn how God has provided for them now they are back in UK.

        Ken was in hospital, while I was in Co Durham, having suffered a comparatively minor heart attack. He is now home and doing well. Please do pray for KEN, especially as he is suffering near constant pain as one knee needs replacing, and it is likely after the heart attack that surgery may be somewhat delayed.


ROMANIA: We have had no specific prayer requests for this prayer update from any of the Romanian trusts, so these pointers for thanks-giving and prayer are more general:

MUSTARD SEED ROMANIA – Give thanks for 2 groups of volunteers from USA have been / still are working there on various projects in Cefa, Romania. Pray for safety and blessing.

        KATHY LANGSTON – Pray for Kathy’s health and for the women workers Kathy employs to care for abandoned disabled young children now resident in state run homes. Pray their influence will continue to be good and that all the children will benefit.

        AGAPE & EL SADIA – pray for both trusts for success for the young people on their programmes, that they will all benefit and ultimately become independent.

        F.I.’s work and beneficiaries, especially remembering Nelu and Cristina, pray for them for wisdom and good health.



        Give thanks for all our VOLUNTEERS who pack, collect, load, etc also our book keeper and pray God’s blessing on her.

        TRAILER PLANS: please continue to pray that our plans to convert our spring trailer (after it has transported 10+ tonnes of relief aid to Romania in early May) into accommodation will work out successfully.

        TINATHON: please continue to pray that the plans for Tinathon on May 20th will all come together. (This is a joint venture with Shelter Trust)

        COMFORT: please pray for those connected to us who have been bereaved and are grieving.

        CHANGED LIVES project in Cihei, Romania: please continue to pray for the funds to come in for this project to offer 2 more units of accommodation, shared showers / washing facilities for the site and aid storage.  Give thanks for money donated so far

        WISDOM: please pray for me (Rose) and the Trustees that we will make wise decisions and make good use of the resources entrusted to us.


Meanwhile, please continue to bless us with your prayers.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie



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