Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update March 2011

OUR FIRST RELIEF AID TRIP OF 2011 is planned for April, when 2 French drivers will drive the aid trailer to Romania (planned dates April 10th – 16th). Please remember the drivers MICHEL and his son TOMAS in prayer. Michel has helped our charity ever since we started. He is based in St Malo and through his work with Condor he has been involved in dealing with our aid trailers for years, often assisting us in many ways. Phil and I (Rose) will go down to Romania at the same time as Michel and Tomas.

Since July we have been really blessed by the generosity of a French company Garage Godard giving us the free use of a tractor unit (lorry front) to pull our aid trailer. This was very timely as our old tractor unit was past economic repair. Michel was instrumental in bringing this about.

Prayers have been answered about Mustard Seed Jersey vehicles: You may recall that in the previous prayer update, I asked for your prayers for wisdom to know how to resolve our vehicle problems. At the beginning of the year we had 2 very welcome donations that have enabled us to buy a very suitable second-hand lorry for local collections and to help with loading. We have also received sufficient money to purchase a new second hand trailer and if needed a tractor unit. We must purchase a trailer as soon as possible as we have an almost full trailer ready to go in April and no storage space, so we need our second trailer quite urgently. [In December when we took aid to Romania we left the trailer in Romania where it is being used for storage – we had been advised that that trailer was past its useful life, hence our decision to offer it to the Romanian charity]. Thank God for the generosity of people and ask for God’s blessing on them and their families. Please pray we in Mustard Seed have the wisdom to make the right decisions regarding purchasing a new trailer quickly.


Since December we have had numerous prayer requests for FLORI. Flori is well known to many of us and lives at Casa Mabel. Her health has deteriorated considerably in the last 9 months and as well as her regular out-patient kidney dialysis sessions at hospital she now spends an increasing amount of time as an in-patient with various crises relating to her kidney condition. Although she does not complain, she is always completely delighted every time she is able to leave hospital and go home.

In September when a major complication happened it was thought Flori had only a few days left to live, but amazingly as people prayed­­­­­­­­­­­­­, her body responded and to the doctor’s surprise she recovered.

Phil and I have changed our plans and now hope to go to Romania next month during the school Easter holidays (instead of the summer term half term holiday at the end of May / early June). This is in the hope that Flori will still be alive. Please continue to pray for Flori’s healing, thank God for her inspirational cheerfulness, pray when her time comes to pass away, it will be without trauma and that she will be surrounded by those who love her and who she loves.

In January we had some good news from NELU & CRISTINA, following treatment for hepatitis Nelu has had blood tests showing he is clear of infection. Cristina is pregnant; they expect their first child in July. Remember them as a family in prayer and also uphold the work they do among the poor in your prayers.

FLORENCE HOLMES has had various health problems since returning to Romania from UK after Christmas. Please pray for healing for Florence. And please remember Florence and Ken in your prayers and their outreach work assisting vulnerable pensioners and in the Vineyard Church.


There are a number of people associated with Mustard Seed in Jersey who would value prayer support for healing and wholeness SUE, DAVID, BARRIE, CHRISTINE and others.  Remember the family of Carol-Ann as they grieve over her recent death and continue with their lives. 

Thank God for our faithful committed volunteers and the work they do.  


            Please remember PHIL and me (ROSE) as we prepare to go to Romania – dates not finalised yet but we expect to leave on April 9th and back around Easter. We value your prayer support and each time we are so very conscious of it especially when travelling. Please pray our time will be well used and that God will especially bless the time we hope to spend with Flori.


Be blessed and please continue to bless us with your prayers,

Rose Helie



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