Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update May 5th 2016

Our spring aid consignment leaves Jersey on Saturday morning May 7th. Drivers JONATHAN and SEL leave on Sunday night and should arrive in Romania late on Tuesday, we expect they will clear customs formalities and unload on Wednesday. Then on Thursday they will head back for St Malo (back to Jersey on Saturday we expect), leaving the trailer in Romania to be turned into 2 units of accommodation.

        Please pray for SAFETY and success and blessing for our drivers as they travel from Jersey to Romania and back again.

        Please pray Godís blessing on MARCUS for all his help and work to make the trailer ready for its final trip.

        Please pray for Godís rich blessing on HERVE and his business in Brittany Ė he has been loaning us a tractor unit free of charge to enable us to take aid to Romanian for a number of years.

        We thank God for the kindness and help of many people in the St Malo area who help us incredibly generously with their time and services.


ROMANIA: We have had a couple of prayer requests from Romania.

        Nelu from the charity FI praises God for good health

        Nelu also asks for prayer for success in laying the foundations for the Changed Lives building project at Cihei in the next week or two.

        Pray for Nelu for wisdom as he heads up the building project.

        Blessing on his wife Cristina and 2 young daughters.


This prayer request is from Ken and Florence who are now back in this country. They travel back to Romania in June to visit for a few weeks. Ken is in constant pain from his knee which needs replacing, but his recent heart attack has delayed that operation.

        Pray for safe travel and good health for them both especially for the month they are away.

        Pray the doctors will give Ken wise advice at his next appointment with the consultant.

        Pray for pain relief for Ken

        Pray God really blesses them while they are in Romania.



        I did a rough calculation and reckon that each year Mustard Seed Jersey is blessed by approximately 2500 hours of peopleís time on a voluntary basis. Without this the charity simply could not function and continue. Give thanks for all our VOLUNTEERS who pack, sort, collect, load, fund-raise, etc and ask Godís blessing on them all.

        TINATHON: please continue to pray that the plans for Tinathon on May 20th will all come together. (This is a joint venture with Shelter Trust). Pray that all the donated tins are used wisely to ease suffering in Romania and in Jersey.

        Pray we sort out our future arrangements for aid transportation as easily as possible.


Thank you for praying for us Ė we know Prayer Changes Things Ė please continue that support.


Yours in Christ

Rose Helie




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