December 4th 2007


Dear Praying Friends


There have been few aid trips which have been as stressful and complicated as this one! We had problems with last minute vehicle repairs, driver availability, plans changed due to accident and sickness. But finally thank God it was all sorted out and our aid lorry with 2,500 Christmas shoeboxes and other aid is on its way to Romania


Please remember lorry drivers BOB DE LA HAYE and DAVID GICQUEL in your prayers – they left Jersey in the afternoon of Tuesday 4th – they are due to arrive in Romania on Thursday 6th / Friday 7th. They plan to leave Romania late on Monday 10th to be back in Jersey for the 13th. Pray for their families especially Jane and Kay.


After it seeming that there would be a party of up to 7 of us going down to distribute food parcels and shoeboxes, it has ended up being just me (ROSE HELIE) and the 2 drivers. I should be grateful for your prayers as I fly out on Thursday 6th – there are some decisions to be made so I would value prayer for wisdom as well as safety.


In your prayers please remember PHIL PALLOT (my husband) as he stays in Jersey recovering from a couple of cracked ribs. Remember also PAM who hoped to be on this trip but cannot come as a close family member is seriously ill.


There are a number of our volunteers who either have health problems themselves or have family members with very serious health problems. We ask for your prayers for Barry, Phil, Margaret, Pauline, David, Carol-Anne and others.



We heard that GIZELLA has died. She was a pensioner suffering from severe untreated  Parkinson’s disease who was sleeping outside at one stage. We are glad we provided a wooden shed for her to live in for the last few months of her life as it was so much better than where she was before and she was pathetically thrilled with it. Pray for us for wisdom to know how to best use the wooden shed to assist another needy person.

Pray for the Kalaus family who have been on our sponsorship programme – they have serious problems.

Praise God for good news and answered prayer. Kathy Langston has finally received the various permissions she needs to adopt the two little girls she has been fostering.

Praise God that at the moment we have 74 pensioners sponsored – this is a considerable increase from last year. Many pensioners are in great need, so pray more people will come forward to help.

Remember the outreaches  Ken and Florence Holmes are involved with – especially their Project Simon programme of monthly food parcels to people.

Pray for ROSVITA who has just married MARIUS – Rosita was in one of our sponsored apartments for young women who had been brought up in the state orphanage system. (This is third young woman to marry out of the apartments  – often the lack of love they received in early childhood at the orphanage makes the young people unable to give or receive love).


Much love and care has gone into the packing of the Christmas shoeboxes, please pray they will be a real blessing to those who receive them.


Keeping in touch

  • At the end of November we had a visit from Ken and Florence Holmes from the Vineyard in Oradea, to whom we sometimes send aid and with whom we often stay when we are in Romania. They have a distribution programme of monthly food parcels to up to 400 needy households. They did an interview with the JEP so watch out in the Faith section for that article.
  • While I am in Romania, I aim to keep a diary which I will email to my brother – hopefully he will publish it on the Mustard Seed website as he receives it, so through you may be able to keep in touch with what we are doing in Romania.
  • Mustard Seed carols in the Garden at Reg’s Garden Theatre, Badgers Holt, Route des Genets on Sunday December 30th at 3.00 pm.


Using the words from the closing prayer at my church on Sunday, may the Lord help us all to be active in His service and joyful in His praise as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.


Greetings to you and all your family

Rose Helie



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