Mustard Seed Jersey Prayer Update January 2008


I do want to wish you all a peaceful and prosperous new year but above all a year when you grow in your relationship with the Lord.


We can give thanks for a safe and successful trip in December.

(Knowing that some of you prefer newsletters without pictures I am attaching the newsletter about the trip minus the pictures to this email.)

KALAUS family their problems seem to have resolved as the wife has left her abusive husband and is now with the children back in the village.

MORE SPONSORED PENSIONERS – we now have almost 80 pensioners sponsored.


Our plans are now to concentrate on fundraising to complete the money needed to build the pensioners home in Romania.

We plan to send our next aid lorry to Romania in March or April.


We have had some specific requests for prayer:

Please pray for these needs in Romania:

  • ALEX STROIE and his wife RODY for  wisdom
  • Vehicle problems that Mustard Seed Romania is experiencing – Mustard Seed Romania has been blessed with 2 vans / minibuses thanks to an American group. But both are currently off the road,. One used just for short trips to fetch children and pensioners for kindergarten and pensioners meeting from the next village is probably past economic repair, while the better minibus which was usually used by Alex for the 40 km trip between Oradea and Cefa has developed what seems to be an electrical fault which  has been baffling everyone for weeks. The reliable lack of transport is a huge problem and means for example that Alex has to borrow a vehicle to purchase food for food parcels, etc. Please pray it is quickly resolved.
  • Pray for the provision of an additional reliable vehicle for the pensioners’ home when that is open.
  • FLORI - there is a possibility a donor has been found who could give her a kidney for a much needed transplant. At the moment tests are taking place. Please pray for God’s blessing on all concerned.[Anyone reading this who is in touch with Flori is asked NOT to mention it to Flori as until it is confirmed that the donor is compatible, Flori will not know about it as she has been so deeply disappointed in the past that we do not want to raise her hopes in vain].
  • FLORICA – she had to be asked to leave the Mustard Seed sheltered apartment about 18 months ago because of her violence towards the other girls; she appeared to change and was allowed to return but sadly after a few months the violence and other problems returned so last summer she was asked to leave again. She is now causing problems by accusations and threats. She is a deeply hurt and scarred young woman who was abused as a child. Pray for her for healing.
  • STEFAN  is the newest boy at the boys hostel and he is having major problems settling in.
  • KATHY LANGSTON needs to move from her present apartment in the spring – please pray God provides a good place for her and the girls. Pray too that the various procedures for completing the adoption process for the 2 girls she fosters are completed successfully.


In Jersey there are some needs:

Please pray for these needs in Jersey

  • Provision of a temporary warehouse for us to use to process a large amount of clothing that we have been promised. And that volunteers will be available to achieve this.
  • Success in sourcing various items needed for the pensioners’ home and other needs in Romania
  • Success in raising the remainder of the money needed for the pensioners’ home.
  • God’s healing and strength for various volunteers, supporters and their family members including Margaret, Carol-Anne, Barry, Joe, Grace, George, Dennis, Jo, Pam, Phil
  • Wisdom to know the way ahead as decisions have to be taken.
  • Safety and success and good health for the small team who are loading the trailer ready for the next aid trip.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers, We do believe that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS


God bless you.


Rose Helie




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