Mustard Seed [Jersey]

Registered Charity in Jersey, Great Britain.  No EM9010.  Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Europe.

Cardiff House, La Ruette du Coin Varin, St Peter, Jersey JE3 7EJ

Telephone (01534) 482637   [International +44 1534]

Coordinator: Rose Helie





We have heard from Alex Stroie that this project is running slightly later than planned and will now open in May rather than April. This is because as the worker responsible for installing the heating system and the plumbing has had a close family bereavement and has had to stop for a few weeks. Also the weather has been severe and this has also delayed them.

But we continue to be thrilled at the fast progress of this project: we began the appeal for funds in May 2007, laid the foundations in the summer of 2008 and built the outer shell in autumn 2008.

  • Give thanks for the amazing provision of the funds needed for this project and ask God’s blessing on all the donors and workers.
  • Pray for ALEX STROIE as he continues to lead the project.
  • Please remember DAN in prayer as he comes to terms with his father’s death
  • Pray that the rest of the work on the pensioners’ home proceeds without difficulties and delays.
  • Alex has asked for prayer for the YOUNG WOMEN in the sponsored apartments as they are finding it very hard financially. They are unskilled and work in various factories. Because of the recession most of the factories are reducing the number of working hours. 



Earlier this month the adoption procedures for Kathy Langston to formally adopt her two foster daughters Codi and Andrea. Kathy has fostered them since they were babies abandoned at the hospital for sick children in Oradea. There have a number of traumas and disappointments in the lengthy process for Kathy to adopt these 2 little girls. Through funding she receives from Canada Kathy continues to fund workers in the hospital for sick children to care for the handicapped and abandoned babies.

  • Give thanks to God that finally the adoption of Codi & Andrea has been finalised.
  • Pray for CODI – Kathy tells us Codi is finding her school work very hard and not coping very well with it at the moment.



Soon after we returned from our December trip to Romania we received bad news from Cristina, Nelu’s wife. Nelu has contracted a life-threatening liver disease through past poor hygiene previously when he had dental treatment. Sadly many other people are also infected in Romania which has the highest instance of this disease in Europe. Possibly for economic reasons the Romanian government is not funding the expensive interferon course of treatment until the disease has progressed to a serious level, which inevitably results in a less good outcome. So to have the treatment quickly means the patient has to fund it him or herself. The cost in Romania is the equivalent of £18,000. Nelu and Cristina’s families can raise £7,000 but Nelu and Cristina have asked us if we can help raise the balance of £11,000.

Nelu has impressed us by his compassion, commitment and hard work to assist those suffering and need, whether they are pensioners, youth, families. They work for Fundatia Increderea (FI) – Mustard Seed thinks very highly of their work.

          We hope to raise this money this year and would be thrilled if anyone can assist us.

  • Please do pray for NELU as he is continuing to work – pray for his healing.
  • Pray for successful fund-raising to enable him to have the urgently needed interferon treatment.
  • Pray that others will offer to help with the fund-raising.
  • Pray for CRISTINA Nelu’s wife and fellow social worker.
  • Pray also for Nelu’s parents and family.
  • Thank God for the good medical care we have in this country.
  • Pray for others in Romania who are in need of medical treatment and unable to fund it themselves.



  • Concert at St Lawrence Parish Church Thursday March 26th – retiring collection – money towards Nelu’s treatment. Please support this if at all possible.
  • Aid trip to Romania late April – this trailer will take over the boxes packed by sponsors for needy pensioners. [The trailer is already over half filled]
  • Songs of Praise at Reg’s Garden Sunday May 10th 3 pm – retiring collection for Nelu
  • Probable trip for supporters to Romania in time for opening of pensioners’ home – over school half term holiday week
  • Songs of Praise at Samares Manor Sunday June 14th 6 pm – retiring collection for Nelu
  • Songs of Praise at Reg’s Garden – time to be confirmed

Prayer pointers:

  • Please pray for successful fund-raising to enable Nelu to have much needed medical treatment.
  • Pray more people will come forward to assist with raising this money
  • Pray for us as we continue to load the trailer and prepare for the aid trip and also to plan for the supporters’ trip late in May.
  • Pray for DAVID who plans to drive our aid to Romania in April, accompanied by his wife ANGELA as they prepare for the trip. David is self employed so must organise  his work to fit the trip in to his schedule.
  • Pray that more people will donate money towards the cost of transport cost – fuel has trebled in price since we started aid trips.
  • Give thanks to God for how new volunteers with specific skills come to us when we need them!
  • Pray for healing for various of our volunteers and supporters: PHIL, GEORGE, LILIAN, HEATHER, PAM and others.
  • Phil and I (Rose) would very much appreciate your prayers as we have had a very difficult time since Christmas with family illnesses and bereavement.



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