Mustard Seed Prayer Update March 28th 2008


Dear Praying Friends



Because this prayer update is much later than planned being sent to you, I can start by asking you to thank God for the safe arrival of our aid lorry in Romania (just a couple of hours ago as I write this in the evening) and ask that you will pray for its safe return and especially for drivers NEIL MOURANT & MERVYN RICHARDSON.

The outward trip was not without its problems as the alternator belt stopped working. Amazingly the Volvo mechanic was already on the site working on another vehicle just a few yards away. That seems to be one of those “God arranged co-incidences” that certainly saved us much time! Neil and Mervyn are expected back in Jersey on Wednesday evening – they should leave Romania on Monday morning.


You may remember that I asked for your prayers for the provision of a suitable vehicle to use for the pensioners home – a very suitable vehicle has been donated and should be down in Romania by the middle of next month. It will be driven down by BILL & KATIE NORMAN travelling in convoy with the Mustard Seed minibus driven by PHIL PALLOT and me ROSE HELIE. Thank God for His provision and  please pray for safety as we travel and that in the time we are in Romania we will be a real blessing to those we meet the minibus dates are April 6th – April 19th.


Soon after our return to Jersey we should have visitors from Romania – NELU & CRISTINA are due to be with us over the May Day bank holiday weekend. (details attached to this email). This marks the first of our 10th anniversary celebrations – we have so much to thank God for in terms of what we have achieved in 10 years. Pray for Nelu and Cristina as they come to us, and pray that God will use them to tell more people about the needs in eastern Europe and the work of Mustard Seed.



In January we asked for prayer for Flori as the possibility of a kidney transplant had emerged. We thank God for the great response to our appeal for money to pay for Flori’s operation – and the money needed was raised or promised within 3 weeks. But before the end of February we had disappointing news that the donor had changed her mind. We have the money kept safe in a bank account ready for when it is needed. Please pray for Flori and that God will lead and guide very clearly. Remember Flori’s health in your prayers as at times she is quite poorly after dialysis. We believed the unexpected offer of a kidney donation was in answer to our prayers and we entrust Flori into God’s keeping that she will receive divine healing and pray for any other potential donor.



ALEX & RODI STROIE – Alex works very hard for Mustard Seed Romania, we thank God for Alex and Rody and pray God will shower him and his family with blessings and that God will equip him with wisdom.

ANA – one of the sponsored pensioners is due to have cataract surgery on Monday 31st – please remember her in your prayers. Her home situation is very poor and overcrowded with her grandchildren coming to her for shelter after their alcoholic father beat them. (Nelu the social worker says the single room apartment is so crowded he found it impossible to even sit down).

            We have been given about 10 tonnes of toiletries and some clothing from UK. Thank God for His oversight on all the various arrangements. Pray for us for wisdom as to exactly how to distribute it.

            HEALING – for all those listed in the last prayer update as being in need of healing their health has improved or their situation has changed and is being resolved. Please remember Lucille (a prayer supporter) for healing.

            Please continue to pray for the remaining £10,000 needed for the building project for the pensioners’ home. (The foundations should be laid by the end of this month).

            KATHY LANGSTON – I have just received a very concerning email from Kathy (literally as I was completing this update) which has made me alter what I had written concerning her. Kathy’s contains an urgent prayer request. She had previously been told that all the paperwork was in order for her to proceed with adopting CODI & ANDREA (the 2 little girls she fosters). But today she received a phone call to say she needs more interviews and permissions, including an interview on Monday 31st with a social worker Kathy has in the past found to be very difficult. She asks for our prayers very specifically for the matter of Andrea’s birth certificate and for herself that Kathy will be able to fully understand the proceedings which will be in Romanian. [Please do make this a priority in your prayers as I believe the timing of Kathy’s email was another example of God arranged co-incidence].

            On a happier note, Kathy is due to be moving to a very pleasant new apartment at the end of May.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers. We really believe that God answers prayer.


God bless you

In His service

Rose Helie




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