May 4th 2011

Extra prayer requests from Mustard Seed Jersey:

Since sending out the Mustard Seed Prayer Update last month while I was in Romania there have been some other needs that have come to light.


I asked for prayer for Baby CRISTIANA who needs a liver transplant. I believe it is now very serious and life threatening unless she has a transplant very quickly. Please remember her parents BENI and DANA in your prayers. If the transplant goes ahead Beni will donate a part of his liver. Dana has been with Cristiana in hospital two and half hours drive away from where they live since before Easter. I have just had this update from her father Beni:

Thank you for praying for us! At this time Cristiana is in the hospital and not feeling so well. She cant leave the hospital until the time of the transplant.  Some of the consequences of the ciroses are coming up: she has some blood circulation problems, she has some liquid in her stomac and the cirosis is advanced. Yesturday she started to take some pills for those problems and hopelly she is going to be beter for some time. But with all of those problems most of the time she is in a good mood. We know that God is with her and He's going to take care of her!

Please pray that we can get the money from the state as soon as posible and to go to the transplant. Pray for her current health!


On my last day in Romania I met with RAUL of Speranta Familiei and heard some disappointing news. Their plans to convert part of the building into a coffee shop to generate income to cover the salaries of the social workers have been rejected. Their source of funding has run out (they had found sponsorship to cover the cost of the building work). Raul is now a volunteer as there has been no money to pay his salary since the autumn, and he is managing to continue to work with support from his family. He is very passionate about the work Speranta does with education and single parent families. 

There will be a meeting with VICTORIA (the founder now living in Sweden) soon to decide the future, but Raul believes there is no option other than to sell the property (their only asset) and shut down the charity. Please pray for Raul and Victoria for wisdom as they make decisions. Pray a special blessing for Raul for his commitment. 


Please pray for GYONGHYI due to start her hair dressing course. Pray she will be committed to it and will complete it successfully.


IN JERSEY please continue to remember the various volunteers and their families especially remembering SUE, LUKE, PHIL, and others whose needs are known to God.

Please continue to pray for wisdom regarding the purchase of a new trailer and give thanks to God for the help we are receiving from another Phil.


God bless you very specially as you bless us with your prayers


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