Mustard Seed Prayer Update September 30th 2007


Please be encouraged to continue to pray for Mustard Seed.



I do not ever remember it having been so very very difficult for a comparatively long time to find available drivers before to take aid out to Eastern Europe. We have had 2 trailer full and waiting to be shipped overseas for the last 3 weeks but all attempts to find suitable drivers failed for various reasons – one trailer has been full since June. However on Friday morning it all changed!


IAN LE BRUN has persuaded his friend SEBASTIAN EDWARDS  (a professional lorry driver from Suffolk)  to donate the use of his tractor unit and time to pull our second trailer, so they will both go down in convoy leaving on October 7th, Ian driving the Mustard Seed unit and Sebastian his own unit. They want to complete the 3000 mile round trip inside a week, so pray for them for safety and no delays or problems. The only bad news from my point of view was the date of departure must be October 7th – this means that the paperwork which normally needs 2 weeks must be completed in 1 week!

  • Please pray especially that the papers granting exemption from paying tolls on the French roads will come through in time. (It will save us in the region of £1000+ on the 2 vehicles).


You may recall that the initial problem with driver availability arose when the Ukraine charity asked us to postpone their load of aid from June to later in the year. Because of the problems we have had with no drivers being available and also lack of response form Ukraine, we have decided to send both trailers to Romania, one to our normal recipient charity  People to People and the second to our own trust Mustard Seed Romania.

  • Please pray for Alex Stroie as he sorts out the needed paperwork for Mustard Seed Romania to receive the 11 tonnes of aid – it is the first time our own charity has received a container of aid, so inevitably Alex is a little anxious.



This was a great success – with the girls thrilled with their time here. They made a good impression on all who met them – some were really moved by meeting them, and especially by their singing in the churches they visited. Please do remember them both in your prayers:

FLORI – her need for a kidney transplant remains but there is no transplant waiting list in Romania. As there is no-one available to donate a compatible kidney the only other option would be to buy a kidney on the black market, which raises ethical questions. We found her to be an even more loving “fun” person than we had thought and Phil and I both find it incredibly sad that her life expectancy is short. Flori was most impressed with the standard, cleanliness and kindness of the staff at the Renal Unit in Jersey who cared for her during her dialysis 3 times a week while she was here. Please do remember her in your prayers.

GYONGYI - too has many needs, especially emotional and the need for security. She has never known her parents or family and has missed out on her childhood – as she relaxed with us, the deep hurts and insecurity became more evident. Please remember her in your prayers especially for healing of the hidden hurts she carries.



Alex was encouraged and delighted to find a building company who are sympathetic towards us as a charity and were willing to reduce the price of construction. The price cut is not as dramatic as it at first seemed as the finished product will need more “finishing” work done after the builder has finished his part. But none the less we are very pleased and believe we must have “saved”  in the region of £5000. Please pray God will continue to give us success and favour as we continue to raise the money needed.



  • Kathy Langston in Romania has been unwell again with a recurrence of the symptoms caused by eating infected meat last year. She emailed me specifically to request that we pray for her.
  • DAVID (4) in Romania is continuing to receive corrective treatment for a hip problem – he is Nicu and Mihaela Gal’s adopted son.
  • CAROL-ANN continues to receive treatment in Jersey. Remember her and her family in your prayers.
  • BARRY feels better in himself since the consultant changed his medication – remember him in prayer also.


Please continue to bless us with your prayers.


In His service

Rose Helie



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