Mon ami Phil
As I knew him myself.
 A mountain of a man. Big, strong. With a healthy,natural sense of humor. A rare spontaneity.
Never ceased to be a child through the natural innocence that characterized him. Communication with Phil was so pleasant on any topic. He had an explanation so simple yet so profound for almost anything. Rarely have I met people so normal. No matter how tired I was after meeting with Phil I felt comfortable. He loved both simple and profound - especially those who needed it. He loved Romania and Romanians.
He helped so many poor people, elderly, disabled persons, trafficked persons and did so with pleasure. He was a great Christian. Only those who love God are able to love their fellow men the way he did.
Every time he came to Romania with aids, he brought me tools. I have many memories of Phil, mon ami. And there are many who have memories of Phil and about Phil.
I'll miss him. We'll miss him, many of us.
Dear Rose, in spirit we are now near you and his family. We'll miss him a lot too. It will never be the same here on earth.
We pray God give you strength to get over this pain.
We love you

Au revoir mon ami Phil.


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