I remember the day back in 99 when I first meet Phil, in Romania. Seeing his driving skills I said to myself ,this man is  a competent driver

After a while we got a chance to sit together and talk. I said to myself, this man likes to chat”,

We did together lots of distribution visits in poor and needy homes and I saw Phil`s response to those circumstances. I said to myself ,this man has a merciful,  tender heart…”

 I saw Phil calling, talking and encouraging Flori and I said to myself,  he really cares about people”,

I heard Phil talking about his children and grand children, always in good-positive and supportive terms. I said to myself ,”he is a good father, proud of his children”,

I saw Phil relating to Rose as husband. Loving, caring, supporting, understanding laughing …..I said to myself , ”What a gift, what a blessing for Rose and Mustard Seed”,

Early in our relationship Phil told me about his prayer that God will grant him in the last years of life the chance to be useful, to help, to support and care. I now say to myself , ”what a prayer – what an answer”,


When Rose wrote me about his death I said to myself, I been blessed to know him, I know his faith in God and I know one day we will meet again enjoy chatting for a long time…… in fact for ever, surrounded by friends, by family in God`s presence”.


Alex and Rodi Stroie, Mustard Seed Romania, and all Romanian friends



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