Phil, thank you for being a good, humorous and faithful friend.    We have seen first hand how you loved and cared for Rose and much more, you cared about the things she did, the poor, the needy, the sick and together these last 10 years, you made an impact in so many lives.


It was our joy to know you, to sit and chat and reminisce – especially you and Ken together as you were fast catching up with his 82 years!  You welcomed us into your home and we had a fabulous time with you both, seeing the island, the orchids and the work of Mustard Seed.    We felt very privileged.   For sure when we arrived you were not able to do much having climbed up to peer over a hedge at a car, then falling and blacking your eye!!!  What men will do to appreciate a car!!


Phil you will be missed, but as long as Mustard Seed exists, then your love, heart, humour and influence will remain.


We will meet you again in Glory, enjoy all that Father God is blessing you with right now. We are thankful that now you have no sickness, pain, suffering or tears and one day, we will all be together again.


Our condolences and love to you Rose, to  Martin, Stephen, Esme and their families and to all who are mourning Phil’s departure.


Love from Ken and Florence

Vineyard Romania.



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