Morning thought 4 Thursday 22nd April


Good morning. Around my home I have a number of plaques that say “prayer changes things”. When I go to Romania I usually go and worship in the little Vineyard church near Oradea. Although the congregation is Romanian whenever English-speaking people are in the congregation they will graciously translate the service into English which is a huge help. On the Lectern they have a large plaque that says PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.

Having been a Christian for over 50 years I have often proved the truth of that saying that prayer changes things.

In Mustard Seed we have had innumerable answers to prayer for small needs and for big needs - small needs like the right person turning up at the precisely right time to help out when you were struggling. And big needs like the totally unexpected provision of funding for a project in Romania that seemed impossible.

At the end of February Nelu from Romania asked us if Mustard Seed could help with funding to set up a vegetable growing project that would be an ongoing help to a number of needy people with health problems The problem was that it would cost £3500 to set up. We did not have that amount of money available. But we prayerfully made the decision that during the month of March if any donations came to us that were not allocated for a specific project then we would put them across for the vegetable project. I would never have expected to reach that total in a month. But prayer changes things. Nelu was praying in Romania and we were praying in Jersey. Let me cut a long story short: the money came in from various unexpected sources during the month of March. And at the beginning of April we were able to send £4000 to Romania for this project. Thanks be to God.



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