morning thought 4 -Thursday June 17

For the previous 3 days I have shared my recollections of reaching out to refugees in Macedonia well over 20 years ago

Through Mustard Seed Jersey My next encounter with refugees was in Albania, working with contacts of Jersey Overseas Aid. It was at the time of the Kosovan crisis and many refugees had fled to Albania.

A group of 4 of us went from Jersey accompanying our consignment of over 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid. It was an amazing trip in many ways. One thing that amazed me was the comparative ease with which our aid consignment was imported and quickly released for distribution - this reflected the urgent need because of the influx of refugees in the country.

The Albanian organization we were working with arranged various distributions to groups of refugees in the country. It was hard work but thrilling to be so hands on physically handing out the goods donated from Jersey.

One of Mustard Seedís aims has always been to reach out a helping hand to those in need.

We remember that 2000 years ago Jesus Christ himself was a refugee when his family fled King Herodís order to kill all baby boys under 2 years of age.

Based on a Cafod prayer we pray:


Father God, look down with mercy on us and all refugees.

Remember your son, our Lord Jesus Christ,

had to leave his homeland and flee to Egypt,

when he was a baby.

Help us to be aware

of the fears, anxiety, pain, sorrow,

difficulties and uncertainty all refugees suffer.

Holy Spirit,

please give us compassion and courage

to help them in any way we can.





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