Tuesday April 15th – final day   and Reflections on the trip


         Another good day. We had a late start so we had a chance to go shopping at Lotus supermarket in Oradea and tidy up the minibus before Alex arrived to take us out to Viovez and Saceini. Trips to these two villages (though possibly Saceini is a small town) mean it takes at least 3 or 4 hours to do the round trip.

         Our first visit was actually to the restaurant very close to Viovez for a bowl of soup for lunch, and that was the only disappointing thing about the day to be honest. Although the first time we went there we thought it was excellent it was quite different today, and the waiter was as unhelpful, slovenly and unenthusiastic as you could imagine – there was no menu, the waiter told us what was available and then came back and said what we had selected was not available .....  maybe it has changed hands. Alex reckoned that possibly it was because the waiter was Hungarian and he is Romanian – he said there can be bad feeling from the Hungarians towards the Romanians.

         It is in Viovez that we have relocated all the families on the Project Relocate programme so far. First we  went on to see Felicia, her husband has come back to her and we were impressed at the changes and developments he has made in the house. We also thought the new baby was lovely. It was all very clean and satisfactory and encouraging. We gave out sweets, clothes, vegetable seeds and food.

         After that we went to see the elderly neighbour and he was very encouraging about how well the family are doing, the children attend kindergarten, etc. We gave him an axe, some vegetable seeds and new teeshirts for himself, his wife and daughter. 

         Our next port of call was to another family on Project Relocate – this time to Csaby's family. They were living in a house that was literally falling down and positively dangerous. Although both parents work long hours their house is clean and the garden well cared for. The sad news is that Csaby's father has had what sounds like a stroke and is in hospital paralyzed down one side. The old man is on our Adopt-A-Granny scheme.

         Alex explained that he has not yet made a firm decision about placing a family in the next relocation house, as the head of the family who had been the initial choice changed his mind and so Alex decided against rushing into any agreement to be sure he selects the right family or extended family, even 2 families as it is a large house.

         We then drove the 30 kilometers to Saceini to visit the group where Gizela had lived while she was alive. Sometimes I have to admit that this small community have been slightly intimidating but today there was a good atmosphere and it was a lovely visit. In the wooden house/shed we built to house Gizela we were pleased to find Jigor's mother has settled well and is looking after the place well. In fact we were absolutely thrilled with it. We found Gizela's mother in poor shape and seems to be permanently in bed, cared for by Jigor and his wife, along with their 5 children, though the oldest one has moved in with the grandmother in what was Gizela's house.

         We drove back to Oradea and then while he went shopping, Alex dropped us at the girls' apartment to say Goodbye. We had great fun playing with Teddy, taking photos, etc., etc. It was a  good, a very good 20 minutes. We left well hugged and kissed and loved – determined we must come back before December if for nothing more than to see the girls again.

         Tomorrow – probably late morning – we set out for Hungary, then Austria, etc back to St Malo and home again.




         Although every single aid trip is “good” this trip has been very good, very encouraging and I am thrilled we came and with what we have seen and heard and observed.

         There is no doubt Alex of Mustard Seed Romania is thrilled with the car we have brought from Jersey. The forthcoming changes in the law mean it will not be so expensive to register it in Romania. He has asked if we can possibly find any other such cars.

         The visit to the old people's home at Dumbrava was incredible – to see the compassion and love in action and what has been achieved to assist the homeless pensioners in their great need – mind-blowing!

         The plight of some pensioners (especially the woman without legs lying helpless in bed in the cold and dark with only her neighbour to help) was horrible, very disturbing and challenging.

         Visiting the girls in the sponsored apartments was lovely – it makes me wish Jersey was not so far away from Romania. As they get to know us better and trust us more it becomes easier to communicate and to relate to them, but harder to leave.

         We are so encouraged by what is happening in the various education projects, the Adopt-A-Granny sponsorship scheme – we can see that help from Jersey is making a serious difference for good.

         We have a list of items needed for the next trailer.




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