Morning thought 2Tuesday June 15

Good morning yesterday I talked about my experience of going to refugee camps in Macedonia in the very early days of Mustard Seed Jersey. During our time in that country we were also able to visit some refugees who were living in the community and to them we took food, toiletries and anything that we were told would be useful for them. As we used donated money (including much from Jersey) to help the refugees we were guided by the people in the country about what was most beneficial.

Listening to the refugees talk about their experiences was usually very challenging often heartbreaking but there were some humorous times as well. Through our translator one of the men said something to me that I have never forgotten. He emphasised that he was very grateful for what he had been given in terms of food but he said that some of the food that have been imported and donated really didnít agree with their stomachs. In particular he mentioned sauce on the baked beans and explained that his family found it far better to wash away the tomato sauce and just use the beans.

That really taught me something, because so often we give what we want to give rather than what the recipient wants or needs to receive.

In our ongoing work with Mustard Seed Jersey this is a balance that we always struggle with as we try to match what is given to what is needed.

A prayer: Lord God of all creation we give you thanks all your good gifts. Grant that as we give and share with those is need we will give as Jesus himself would give and give with love.



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