Morning Thought 3 Wednesday 21st April



Good morning. One of Mustard Seed Jersey’s key words is Continuity. We would aim to continue the support until the person can manage alone and often that takes time..


We first helped Sebi and his family about 5 years ago after the father became violent and the family ran away and were living on the streets. We were able to offer them safe accommodation on our Changed Lives site. Sebi was badly affected by the violence and abuse he had experienced but as time has gone on he has worked through his learning and emotional difficulties and is now doing well. And most important he is becoming a pleasant generous boy now almost a teenager.


Nelu the social worker asked if Sebi would like to go with him to a distant village to help distribute food parcels. Sebi gathered some items of his own to give away. In the village a young child was very distressed and to the social worker’s surprise, Sebi was able to relate to and comfort the distressed young child and gave him one of the items he had gathered. Although Sebi has comparatively little, he wanted to share and give of the good things he has himself received.


2000 years ago Jesus sent out his disciples to continue his work of healing and proclamation. He said to them that they had freely received good things and now it was for them to give. Over the last five years Sebi has received many good things from the social worker and from Mustard Seed and we are delighted to see him able to start to give back to those who need




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