Mustard Seed Jersey Lenten Project 2014



The mother sold her 12 year old daughter to buy the family food”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The student was drugged, when she woke she was in another country”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“When I gave her the Welcome box she cried and said she had never been given a gift before in all her life”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“He had had such high hopes of helping his family, but his passport was taken and he received no wages. When we rescued him he was traumatised and come back with only the clothes on his back”


Statistics tell us that people trafficking is the fastest growing crime. In Romania – as in any country where there are families and individuals living in poverty and need – there are a growing number of trafficked victims who are repatriated each year. There is a dedicated team of social workers, police, etc to meet this need.

We in Mustard Seed know one of the social workers very well, we have seen the pain in her eyes and been shocked and moved by some of the stories she has told us, but we have responded by packing WELCOME BOXES to be given to the repatriated victims.

We invite you to pack a WELCOME BOX this Lent, maybe in your house group or your work place. We will take it to Romania on either our spring or autumn aid consignment and it will be given to a repatriated victim to welcome him/her back to their country and help provide for some of his or her needs.


Based on fresh information received in December we now have 3 different categories



See the list of suggested contents below for each category.


Ideal contents for Welcome Box for WOMAN (expected age 18-40):

Soap (at least 3 or 4 bars)                 Shampoo (please check well sealed)

Body wash (well sealed)                    Sanitary    towels     

Toothbrushes & tubes of toothpaste (she probably has family in equal need)                                          Small box washing powder      

Pants approx size medium or 14       Socks standard women size     

Notebook and pens                          Other items to welcome her back.


Welcome Box for MAN (expected age 16-40)

Ø Same contents as for woman, but put in packet of razors instead of sanitary towels.

Ø Pants – we suggest medium     Socks we suggest size 6-11

Ø Possibly include penknife or similar


Welcome Box for Teenage Girl (expected age 12-17)

v Same contents as for woman, but also include small teddy bear or similar.

v Pants – we suggest size 10.

v We suggest including more writing materials as some will still be school age.


General guidelines:

Please pack contents in boot-box or big shoebox (man size 10 +) – there is no need to cover the box but feel free to do so if you wish.

Please add the personal touch, maybe a postcard of Jersey or photo of your family, to make the recipient feel special and loved.


Please make £2 as donation towards cost of transport, either place cheque made payable to Mustard Seed Jersey on top of contents OR donate via our website)

Stick a label on the lid saying “Welcome Box” and whether Man / Woman / Teenage Girl is intended recipient

Please do NOT seal the box, attach it with string or large rubber band


Deliver to one of our collection places:

All Saints Church (Monday – Saturday 10-12)

St Peters Church (Mon – Fri 9-5)       St Marys Church (Mon – Fri 9-5)

St Lukes Church mornings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


Thank you for considering this – your help makes a difference.



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