Diary for Wednesday December 12th


The day began with a text message from Bob and David announcing they had made it to Chatres for Breakfast in view of the delays and where they were in the middle of yesterday evening this can only mean that they drove through the night maybe stopping just for a couple of hours rest.


Just around lunchtime I had a further text announcing their safe arrival at St Malo, the lorry was safely in the compound and that they had found a good hotel and were booked on the ferry to Jersey tomorrow morning.


Not much to write about today for me personally a very valuable day as far as I am concerned as I spent about 6 hours working with Alex on updating the reports for the families, young people and pensioners that are sponsored through Mustard Seed Romania and agreeing an easy format for keeping reports etc up to date that is over 40 reports needed for sponsors (reckon I will be busy sending those out when I get home!)


In the evening I went to give out the Christmas shoeboxes to the young people sponsored through Mustard Seed to enable them to go to high school. In each case their family situation is such that they could never afford it without that help.




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