Mustard Seed [Jersey]     

Jersey Charity ref no. EM9010

Charity based in Jersey, Channel Islands, Britain


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Mustard Seed [Jersey] is a small charity set up in Jersey, Channel Isles in 1998. It is run from the home of the founder and financed by donations from Jersey people. Mustard Seed is autonomous and is NOT a branch of any of the larger Mustard Seed charities in UK. Mustard Seed Jersey runs its own projects, administers all funding, and when relief aid is taken overseas then it is driven by volunteer Jersey drivers.

The aim is to ease suffering in eastern Europe, by providing opportunities to enable people to become self-sufficient, through the taking of humanitarian aid, funding various projects and prayerfully supporting a number of projects.

Mustard Seed deliberately chooses to work with small trusts and foundations, as they are seen to be in the greatest need, often having no other help from the west.

We work with a number of small charity foundations in Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, who monitor the aid distribution on our behalf, and advise us on where the need is.




We retain information of postal addresses and / or email addresses to keep supporters informed of our activities if they have requested this. This information is stored securely and will be deleted on request